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  IUP for MacOSX uses GTK. A person started a native Cocoa driver, but help
is needed. It is a lot of work.

  We tried to use GTK for MacOS using native API but it was incomplete and
unstable. Also this installation is VERY difficult.

  So we are using GTK for MacOS using X11. To build that we use Fink. This
installation is a little bit difficult, but we wrote a guide in the IUP GTK
driver documentation.

  I can't tell you about performance because I only tested small
applications. But it works ok, as GTK works ok in that configuration.

  The binaries for 3.3 are not there because I was not able to put my hands
on, or remote login in, a Mac. I hope to change that for 3.4.

Best Regards,
Antonio Scuri

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> >  IUP 3.4 will be released as soon as SourceForge unblock the CVS
> services.
> The overview page "availability" section lists
> 	. UNIX (SunOS, IRIX, and AIX) using Motif 2.x
> 	. UNIX (FreeBSD and Linux) using GTK+ (since 3.0)
> the download tips "Available Platforms" includes
>     Mac OS X 10.6 (x64) [Snow Leopard] / Darwin Kernel 10 / gcc 4.2
> There are no Mac specific 3.3 files on SourceForge.
> How well will 3.4 perform/look on Mac OS X?
> Are there any Mac OS X improvements over previous versions (where I
> seem to have heard that installation on Mac was difficult)?
> Thanks!
> e