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Lucas <> writes:
> As Iñigo Serna already pointed, lgob maintains the original GTK+ API
> where possible. The main differences are published in is tiny
> documentation [1]. There are more than 70 examples in the bundle,
> covering many parts of the API.

Does it provide the _exact_ GTK+ C API, or does it do "obvious"
cleanups, removing redundancies/warts which are only necessary because
of the C API's implementation in C?

lua-gtk does the latter, basically a "thin" cleanup of the C interface
(which I think is largely done automatically); the result is very
similar to gtkmm (so I actually learned lua-gtk by reading docs and
examples written for gtkmm!).

For instance in "raw" GTK+, you might say:

   gtk_range_set_increments (GTK_RANGE (thing), 1, 1)

but in lua-gtk, you do:

   thing:set_increments (1, 1)

[The redundant prefix is removed from the method name, and of course the
superclass cast is automatic.]

I really like this "cleaned up" interface; it's still very close to
GTK+'s C interface (so one can use the same docs, applying the obvious
transformations in one's head), but more pleasant to use.



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