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Steve Litt <> writes:
> I looked at that but it's waaaay more than I need or want. I don't want to 
> have to get down and dirty with hundreds of functions and components. 

You're not required to use all the functions a library provides... :]

However, you might like something like IUP better -- it takes better
advantage of Lua mechanisms to allow very easy specification of widget
layouts etc.

lua-gtk is not hard to use, but it basically just exports the underlying
libraries, which of course are aimed at lower-level languages.  [I do
think much of the difference is fairly mechanical, and it would be quite
easy to provide a nice IUP-style wrapper around much of lua-gtk.]

The one significant problem with IUP is that I've found it very hard to
build (and it doesn't seem to be present in Debian as a standard
package, whereas lua-gtk is).  They use a home-grown build system that
unfortunately doesn't seem to work very well when I've tried it.


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