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> The one significant problem with IUP is that I've found it very hard to
> build (and it doesn't seem to be present in Debian as a standard
> package, whereas lua-gtk is).  They use a home-grown build system that
> unfortunately doesn't seem to work very well when I've tried it.

  Working on that.

  Our build system is Just a GNU make makefile. In the past we were more
complicated, even using just that. But in recent releases that system is
getting simpler. We have been focusing in the "just type make" approach. And
we had very good results since 3.3.

  One very interesting thing that happen with the 3.3 version was that a
person build a binding to Perl. And the Perl community have a pool of
servers so you can build your code is several different systems. Since IUP
is not included in the system, his tests also included building IUP for
those systems. So we learned a lot, because the feedback was great.

  IUP 3.4 will be released as soon as SourceForge unblock the CVS services.

Best Regards,
Antonio Scuri