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On 2/9/2011 8:12 PM, joshua simmons wrote:
Hey there. First up great stuff with your gi work. I found it the other
day and wondered to what extent  it was usable at the moment? I'm
interested in having a go at clutter/Mx with it (but got distracted at
the time).

Hi, I think it should be usable now, although something like alpha quality - there are definitely some bugs and "everything might change". There is also virtually no docs - use the samples in the meantime. The main problem might be getting dependencies right; you will need newest gobject-introspection (0.10.2, although 0.10.1 might work too), and all used typelibs have to be recompiled with this version of gi installed(!), if your want to use GTK, get at least 2.99.3. I haven't tried clutter yet, but since it is heavily used by gnome-shell (i.e. through gjs javascript), it might just work out of the box. Anyway, if you will try it, I'd be interested in your results.