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Enrico Colombini wrote:
Stephen Kellett wrote:
Seems to me that until Android gets large enough to be a problem and Apple has to unlock the restrictions to survive/grow, iPhone is going to be a closed system. Anyway its enough for me. I was unsure which way to go. I now know that Android is the future.

Apple seems to have an uncanny prowess in shooting itself in the foot. It started in Apple II times, so definitely they could not be accused of being incoherent.

Well, this is good for everyone... let the Apple mystique crumble. I would like Apple to do this more often and see how tech reporters squirm, ha ha ha.

This is an age of commodity hardware, so companies are going to engage in some pretty ugly business practices more often -- apparently even one which as abig advantage in brand awareness. The ongoing Apple-Nokia spat, Apple-HTC, Apple-Google, Apple-Adobe, etc. etc. Yeeech, you have got to be a lawyer to like this kind of behaviour. On another note, they say sometimes one's personality changes after an organ transplant... [cue ominous music]

Somehow I still think the dumb rule changes has more to do with arm-twisting between Apple and other tech companies. It's just too bad that third party developers are caught in the crossfire.

I wonder what Apple employees think. Perhaps they behave like tobacco company employees and always defend their cult.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia