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Stephen Kellett wrote:
Well, I've been dithering on the Android/iPhone option for a while.

Me too.

Its simple now: Android. HTC make some very nice phones and I won't
> be stuck for a platform. Give it a few years, Android will destroy
> iPhone in market share.

I tried out both development platforms, with a slight initial propension towards Android. Android's platform is a train wreck: unreliable, non-deterministic and so slow I simply can't tolerate it (nor afford to waste so much time in development). Non even "Hello World" works without searching the Web for fixes. Apple's works like a charm and is very fast (and fully C compatible) with only a minor initial snag in setting user permissions.

That said, Apple's attitude and this latest development makes me think that in the Android/Apple dilemma I'll probably choose "neither" and find some other line of work.