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I am learning about Lua right now and I think it is absolutely brilliant and unique but also difficult. I feel like I was drawing on an etch-a-sketch before when I was programming with the other languages I know. Now lua is my pencil, minimalist, powerful and difficult.

Both Lua and PHP add value but I think in many ways they are opposites. The PHP list is like a death match between 8th graders, immature and abusive. Learning to turn two knobs makes learning to draw easier then drawing freehand and this might be why the PHP list is such a rough place. This list is very civilized likely due to it being so well moderated but perhaps this is also due to the percentage of professionals that it is comprised of.

I started a thread a couple months ago "promoting Lua", it was shot to pieces. I wanted to give back to the developers who gave this language to me. Although I do not personally know them, I am assuming their finances are in some way or another tied to the use of Lua.

If the premise that professionals make up a more civilized list then amateurs(of which I am one) is their someway to promote Lua to professionals? Would it be better to ask "are professionals talking about Lua" -Patrick