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Alex Combas wrote:
I agree with you that lots of people use Lua, but I disagree that many people talk about it.

I know it is silly to compare, but if we look at <> as just 1 example. <> has 11,424 readers, after 2 years <> has 4,350 readers, after 2 years <> has 5,423 readers, after 2 years <> has 263 readers, after 1 year

Well, Io has 78 readers and Tcl has 150. Lua is doing better than that. I suspect most people who are interested in Lua follow the mailing list. I follow reddit/r/lua, but I rarely see anything I haven't already read here.

Maybe this is just an unrealistic metric to judge the success of Lua. It just does what it was designed to do well.