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On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 6:20 PM, dcharno <> wrote:
Alex Combas wrote:
Yes thank you, I was hoping for a bit of fresh perspective from the actual Lua community,
although there is likely a lot of overlap. ;)

I didn't understand the article.  Lots of people use and talk about Lua.  It serves a specific niche in application development.  The Lua team is happy with the language.  What is the issue?

I agree with you that lots of people use Lua, but I disagree that many people talk about it.

I know it is silly to compare, but if we look at as just 1 example. has 11,424 readers, after 2 years has 4,350 readers, after 2 years has 5,423 readers, after 2 years has 263 readers, after 1 year

Maybe this mailing list doesn't even know about and maybe after posting this message the number of readers will jump up a bit, or maybe not, either way it is shockingly small for such a well used and well known language. 

Hopefully this helps you understand my motivation for asking this question.

I know of only two major portals where lua is discussed and thats this mailing list, and the Lua forums.

The Lua wiki is very nice but it doesn't really count as a medium for discussion.

If there are other "major" portals out there where Lua is popular and frequently discussed please let me know.

Best regards,
Alex Combas