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On Feb 14 Feb 14 4:56 AM, Alex Combas wrote:
So you can say that there is no reason to talk about Lua because it just
works, but silence certainly isn't helping anything, and I think everyone
realizes that Lua could certainly use more community support.
I disagree. It seems to me that it's doing just fine. Lua has a strong and dedicated community. Maybe they don't proselytize as much as the Python/Ruby crowd, but to me that's a boon instead of a curse.

I started using Ruby about a year before Rails hit the streets. After Rails, along with Ruby's growth in popularity came throngs of programmer-wannabes who didn't know what a machine register is, how to do I/O, or the difference between binary floating-point and decimal floating-point arithmetic. I'd just as soon that not happen to Lua. One of the reasons I like Lua is that the community is generally an experienced and skilled bunch who understand what Lua is good for and know how to use Lua to get the job done. I kinda like hanging out with that bunch.

Lua is a programming language. It doesn't benefit from notoriety or buzz. More "talk" will just attract the attention of guys who are just looking for the next shiny thing to exploit on their blogs, their books, their resumes, or their conference presentations.

I didn't need to point to any Dzone or reddit links to persuade my management that Lua was the right tool for the job we needed to do. My management wanted to know what Lua was, not who was talking about it.