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On 14 February 2010 15:29, Timothy Hunter <> wrote:
> On Feb 14 Feb 14 4:56 AM, Alex Combas wrote:
>> So you can say that there is no reason to talk about Lua because it just
>> works, but silence certainly isn't helping anything, and I think everyone
>> realizes that Lua could certainly use more community support.
> I disagree. It seems to me that it's doing just fine. Lua has a strong and
> dedicated community. Maybe they don't proselytize as much as the Python/Ruby
> crowd, but to me that's a boon instead of a curse.

I don't care too much how many people talk about Lua. I do think it is
under-used, and I do speak loudly about its strengths - but I do think
that most people who need it will end up using it, we're not /that/
hard to find.

Talk is cheap. What Lua needs is work on its standard libraries. I'm
actually writing Lua applications and I know I keep bringing it up,
but LuaSocket doesn't support IPv6, LuaSec doesn't allow you to read
attributes from a certificate - these are the actual issues that I'm
hitting against with Lua right now.

Maybe cheap talk is the best way to attract developers to fix the
libraries, but then we have to set that as our goal.