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Timothy Hunter <> writes:

> On Feb 14 Feb 14 4:56 AM, Alex Combas wrote:
>> So you can say that there is no reason to talk about Lua because it
>> just works, but silence certainly isn't helping anything, and I think
>> everyone realizes that Lua could certainly use more community
>> support.
> I disagree. It seems to me that it's doing just fine. Lua has a strong
> and dedicated community. Maybe they don't proselytize as much as the
> Python/Ruby crowd, but to me that's a boon instead of a curse.

sed does not have a community.  gcc does not have a community.  A
community is a bunch of people reassuring themselves that they the
months they took in learning their language of choice has been

The day you spent on Lua is not enough for community-building.

Just look at the typical language x mailing list: "how do I do this in
x?".  Dozens of ways to do this, one more clever than the other.  Now
look at the Lua mailing list.  Everybody asks how to jiggle his favorite
token filter or other home-grown extension into creating something
different from Lua.

That's not a community list or a user list.  This is a hacker list.  No


David Kastrup