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On Sun, Feb 14, 2010 at 3:49 PM, Eike Decker <> wrote:
> I think Lua programmers are too smart to follow the buzz and too
> reluctant to write down how they solved a particular problem, simply
> assuming, that if oneself solved the problem, it can't be so hard for
> anyone else to solve it as well...
> But is all that actually a problem?

Good question! (BTW, I hope people understand that those points are my
summary of perceived reasons, not my personal opinion, which naturally
is far more nuanced and could also be summarized as 'use the right

Naturally we like to think we are a smart bunch, and many of us are
embedded people who are hard-nosed and not  so prone to blog as some
web dev types.  Different animals, nocturnal hunting cats, not noisy
parrots.  A difference in style.

It's not easy making things easy, in particular it takes time and most
of us are multitasking to the point of cache thrash already.

Oh I forgot a point;  a friend was saying that Google was starting to
get Python executing faster, so of course I said that then it just
gets into Lua non-JIT performance territory. But his comeback was
"Yes, but we have threads!"

steve d.