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> Naturally we like to think we are a smart bunch, and many of us are
> embedded people who are hard-nosed and not  so prone to blog as some
> web dev types.  Different animals, nocturnal hunting cats, not noisy
> parrots.  A difference in style.

Oh, my! With a shock I've just realized that I am, too, become a kind
of "web developer" nowadays! Worse! I do blog sometimes. And I'm a bit
noisy too...

Doctor, doctor, can I be cured? Or am I lost for the Lua community?

...And why do I keep reading "smart bunch" as "small bunch"?..

Lua list is, indeed, *at least* intellingent. If Lua would be much
more popular... it, probably, would not be as good. So, being 21-st
TIOBE and 2.33 Shootout is good enough. Just give me better libraries.