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> Yet if you look at how TIOBE generates those numbers:
> "The ratings are based on the number of skilled engineers world-wide,
> courses and third party vendors. The popular search engines Google, MSN,
> Yahoo!, Wikipedia and YouTube are used to calculate the ratings."
> Or in other words they look at how popular the language is based on what is
> happening on the internet.

Isn't this close enough to amount of "talk" about the language?

>> That being said, I, personally, do not understand the question either.
>> People do not talk about Lua, they just use it.

> I don't think you can honestly make that argument. People do talk about
> their interests and passions.

Well, perhaps.

Roughly, at most 20% of my colleagues I know personally, who use Lua,
talk about it actively on the Internet. (No, no scientific research
done, just a feeling.)

But, then, it is probably the same for other technologies.

>> 2. To get better opensource libraries and other infrastructure. Lua
>> opensource infrastructure got better over the years, but, in my
>> opinion, it is still in a rather sad shape. I think that this,
>> however, is more of a chicken and egg problem...

> Its always a chicken egg problem, but it is a problem which every other
> language has had to face and which the successful and popular languages have
> overcome. There is only one way to get more libraries and that is to write
> them, and to write them you need people, and buzz and chatter on the
> internet certainly helps to get those people which in turn gets those
> libraries written.

> So you can say that there is no reason to talk about Lua because it just
> works, but silence certainly isn't helping anything, and I think everyone
> realizes that Lua could certainly use more community support.

I'm just saying that I'm not surprised. (Also, I *do* try to "talk"
about Lua outside of Lua-community-only areas.)

But I do not think that the posts like "Why nobody talks about Lua?"
can do much. Or do you want to attract all active language-haters and
explain them that they are wrong?