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On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 00:03, Phoenix Sol <> wrote:
> I've had similar thoughts to those indicated by the original poster, however...

> Is it really worth the trouble, to create a web page, register a
> domain name, set up hosting, etc.

That, actually, could be fun. :-)

> just to replace this: "Lua is not an
> acronym." with this: ""; (or whatever) ?

The point is to replace

"Please don't write Lua in all caps, it is not an acronym:";


"Please don't write Lua in all caps:";

Original about page is a bit less obvious than needed.

But, with newly discovered CSS magic, it can be made fit for the job :-)

> And similarly, on the receiving end of this, to have to follow a link
> to a page expounding on the fact that Lua is not an acronym, instead
> of simply reading "Lua is not an acronym."

> Would it really be helpful?

It could be fun. (And could be not fun, it depends...)

> Besides, the unwitting perpetrators of this outrageous blasphemy will
> most likely figure it out themselves anyway (or just go away), so why
> bother correcting them at all?

So others would not repeat the same mistake. I've seen Lua (as a
language name) written in all-caps in a lot of semi-official places
(including computer science course materials). This is really sad.

> More importantly, 'lmgtfy-style' humiliation would not make for a
> dignified welcome to new Lua users.

We can choose whatever tone we want. I'm for something witty and
polite. Lmgtfy was just an example. Perhaps not a best one.

> I humbly submit that the 'do nothing' approach is likely best with
> regard to the LUA sacrilege.

You... you wrote it! No! My eyes!..


I think that "visibility" of Lua brand usage guidelines (or whatever
you'd call proper language name capitalization) can be improved.