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> People often use client-side Javascript, e.g. Alex Gorbatchev's syntax
> highlighter does Lua as well as the usual suspects.

Actually, Lua support isn't included with SyntaxHighlighter by the
default. The reason Sputnik gets to show off syntax highlighting for
Lua is because Sérgio Medeiros and I wrote a Lua "brush" for
SyntaxHighlighter, see [1]. However, we've been too lazy to get in
touch with Alex Gorbatchev about this. If someone wants to take on
this task, please feel welcome to do so.

BTW, our syntaxhighlighter module [2] wraps SyntaxHighlighter's JS and
CSS in Lua, to enable installing SyntaxHighlighter as a rock and then
serving JS and CSS from the rock. But again, I haven't gotten around
to actually releasing this as a rock.

- yuri