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I'm about to start improving the documentation for Rima (a tool for building math models and a binding to LP solvers), and it seems like two tools would be really useful:

1) The documentation is in markdown (is that a good choice?) and has code examples like:
You can treat expressions just like variables:

    x, y = rima.R"x, y"
    e = x * y
    =e * x * y                                          --> x*y*x*y
What would be really cool would be a tool that read the markdown file, found all the code blocks, ran them and checked that the output matched the comment. It would me even cooler if it syntax-coloured the Lua code (not that there's much to colour in the example above).

2) I have some example files with comments explaining what they do. A tool that ran over the file, and turned it into a markdown document with the lua code embedded in it would be fantastic too. I'm not talking about a doxygen or LuaDoc type thing, I'd want the full text of the example file, just kind of turned inside out.

Before I start hacking together a rudimentary implementation, does anyone know if such things already exist?