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Geoff Leyland wrote:
What would be really cool would be a tool that read the markdown file, found all the code blocks, ran them and checked that the output matched the comment. It would me even cooler if it syntax-coloured the Lua code (not that there's much to colour in the example above).
I've played with this idea as well, but the code was very specific to my project.

2) I have some example files with comments explaining what they do. A tool that ran over the file, and turned it into a markdown document with the lua code embedded in it would be fantastic too. I'm not talking about a doxygen or LuaDoc type thing, I'd want the full text of the example file, just kind of turned inside out.
Just in case you don't know, this style of programming is called 'literate programming'. Knowing the right keywords makes all the difference on the internet :)

 - Peter