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On 10/10/2009, at 2:19 AM, steve donovan wrote:
On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 3:06 PM, Robert Raschke < > wrote:
can't remember the changes. It would probably be pretty trivial to change it
to allow markdown.

In fact, I bet you that a hundred lines of Lua will do the whole job
nicely - pretty-printing can be done as an afterthought, using some
styling and client Javascript.  One of those satisfying
rainy-afternoon jobs.

The weather's actually starting to improve down here (though I'm sure nothing like SA), but nonetheless you can get a rough cut of doctest.lua from (BTW, how's the snippet site coming on?).

doctest.lua reads a markdown file and tries to execute any code snippets it finds, reporting errors and matching output. It's not great, it's sufficient.

I haven't started on the opposite tool, that reads a Lua file with markdown in the comments, turns it into a markdown file with Lua in code blocks and checks that the Lua output matches specially marked up output.

I haven't tried syntax-coloring either. There must be something that does that, right? Or is the attraction of pure Lua enough to make it worth building that wheel?