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On Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 6:18 PM, Petite Abeille
<> wrote:
> On Oct 10, 2009, at 1:43 PM, Jim Whitehead II wrote:
>> Absolutely nothing has been closed in any way.  Stop implying that
>> they have been.
> Well... if you acted less like a jerk, perhaps it would make things a bit
> easier... in the meantime... good luck.

And now the insults start to fly, fantastic.

I am not one to claim that my communications skills are perfect.  I'm
incredibly critical of myself when I've caused communications issues
by reading someone wrong, responding in too terse a fashion, or
writing something without thinking about it beforehand.  I'm not
perfect, and I can't always identify the issues without having someone
point them out to me; not that I think personal insults or critiques
have a place on this mailing list.

I am now going back and reading through this post to try and see where
I have 'been a jerk'.  My first reply to the thread was sent as soon
as I had access to the internet after landing in the UK and seeing how
large this thread had become.  The group in Rio spent about 4 hours
sitting and discussing the site and we made some solid plans and I
felt it best to organise the group together and take the discussion
where it belongs, off the Lua-L mailing list.  In retrospect I should
have included a bit more background about the discussion that had
happened, but I sent the email from my phone to try and gather the
interested individuals together.

The first four or five responses are trying to get people to
understand why I was asking them to contact me.  We (as a group) had
not had an opportunity to discuss where we wanted to host our
discussion, so I didn't want to prematurely commit to any site/mailing
list.  I figured that if people contacted me I could then dump the
email addresses all in one place once we had everything set up.

Next (seemingly out of context given my responses), we're accused of
having a 'secret project' with a 'secret society' when nothing could
be further from the truth.  Cosmin admits that he was joking but in
the context of the thread that was less than obvious.  But even after
reading my responses he continues to state that the project needs to
be 'open', which is a direct implication that the project is in some
way closed.  That's where the response you quoted comes from, and I
maintain that the comment was inappropriate given the discussion we
had already had.

I'm frustrated, because I don't understand why all of this has been
blown out of proportion. Why I am being called a 'jerk' for attempting
to organise a discussion that prevents the Lua-L mailing list from
being inundated with new topics about the subject.  I was attempting
to merge the discussion that happened in Rio with the discussion that
was happening on the mailing list at the same.  Did I do it in the
best way possible, no, but we've having a very good discussion on the
luaforge-development mailing list and then I come here and have to
read this?

So if you wouldn't mind, Petite, I would really appreciate hearing
your personally critical feedback and where it is coming from so I
might improve my communications skills in the future.

- Jim