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OK... this threads really got hot... :o)

On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 8:21 PM, Jim Whitehead II <> wrote:
> <> wrote:
>> Who is "we" ? Who does the planning and where can I see this planning going
>> on? I want to be part of it.
> Most of the initial discussions happened yesterday following the Lua
> Workshop.  I'm not sure if all the participants wish to be singled
> out, but it involved two individuals from the Kepler team, myself and
> two other members of the community.  The discussion has just begun,
> hence why I am requesting people contact me to be involved.

As one of the participants of this initial discussion, let me try to
add some context to the sequence of events.

LuaForge went down on the first day of the workshop. After that I
asked everybody present for help recovering the site and starting a
discussion about what to do after we got the data back.

Jim proactively assumed the discussion/implementation coordination
while I coordinated the site recovery. Unfortunately, between the
first mention of the idea on the Lua list and Jim's return of the
workshop enough time passed to accumulate some noise.

I also just got time to check the thread now, but I'm pretty sure all
he was doing was gathering interested people, not splitting anything.

As the current maintainer of LuaForge, I'm all in for the system
revamp and I trust Jim to handle the coordination of this. I'm on the
fore mentioned list and will be helping migrate data between the two
systems (GForge and whatever we choose for the new site).

My (late) 2c