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Peter Cawley wrote:
P.S. If a text file is "incorrectly formatted", you should get a proper text

IIRC, the default windows notepad.exe (which is the 'best'/only plain
text editor in the base windows install) only understands "\r\n"
linebreaks, while the Lua copyright/history/install/readme files use
standard *nix "\n" linebreaks. Hence viewing them will crush
everything onto a single line.

The "get a better text editor" argument is flawed in the user
friendliness sense. If an operating system's default program cannot
open the file, then you might have just lost a potential user.

The writer mentioned that he wanted to "compile Lua as a library so I can integrate it with my framework". One assumes that he is using VS and is not an absolute newbie. (Well, his writings belies that, but still...) Can VS see LF line breaks correctly? I'm not aware that there is a need for extreme hand-holding and extreme political correctness all of the time, given that the writer is apparently capable of using VS. Sorry if anyone who is too sensitive got offended.