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2008/10/10 Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <>:
>> The original responder's message, however, was not terse;
>> it was "go away" unhelpful.
> I'm very sorry my reply came across to you as "go away" and gave you a
> bad first impression of our community, which actually is very friendly,
> as I hope you have come to realise by now. (Sometimes I am too terse...)

That's just Luiz the way we all know him. Terse :-) And the few words
he does write, are invariably worth heeding.

As said before, Luiz is one of the core Lua developers. You'll
probably be helped more by success stories from typical Lua users (if
there is such a thing) in the community. In this light, Luiz's
invitation to those two pages on the Lua website (again, belonging to
the core Lua team of which he is a member), instead of remaining
silent, was as helpful a gesture as any.

Thanks for your inquiry and good luck with the article!