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I'm doing an article for on "5 [or whatever] languages that ought to be on your [IT Manager's] radar," and I'd like to include Lua. I'm looking for a short statement on why it's useful, and why the boss ought to let you use it for enterprise work. Any takers?

This is meant to be a short-and-sweet article: just its name, URL, a quick formal definition, and then one or two quotes from developers about why they think it's valuable. Imagine that you're trying to convince someone's boss to let you use it. What would you say?

(This is a follow-up to PHP_JavaScript_Ruby_Perl_Python_and_Tcl_Today_The_State_of_the_Scripting _Universe in case you care. Some folks pointed out that a few "obvious" languages should have been included. I'm happy to comply.)

--Esther Schindler
  senior online editor,