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So your solution to this issue is to not read it at all, -not- learn how it's supposed to work, and instead whine about it here? What possible good can come from that? Are you expecting someone here to just blurt out a one-shot solution which would solve everything for everyone? Managing versions of dynamic libraries at runtime in a safe & secure manner, in an os based on binary distribution is probably fairly complicated to begin with, so it doesn't surprise me you think it's complex, and I for one feel damn lucky that all I have to do is 'read the documentation' in order to use it.

---xml still sucks though ;)

Paul Moore wrote:
2008/8/5 Stefan Sandberg <>:

Hmm, yes, that's a link to the start of a lot of reading, which covers
an awful lot of ground just to get a compiled program to run!
Honestly, that's my point - the whole manifest thing is simply too
complex. Remember - all I want to do is to have my already-compiled
program run, using a DLL which is apparently somewhere on my system,
but not on my path!

Seriously - DLL Hell was never as bad as this.