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I use SWIG to expose a few C++ classes to the user. In the C code, I use zero-based arrays (obviously), but in the Lua code that interfaces with the C code, I also have to use zero-based arrays. This seems somewhat unnatural for Lua programmers (right?). I admit I don't program in Lua too much.

Has anyone else had to deal with this issue? Was it a big deal for your users to have both zero/one based arrays in their Lua programs?

Is there a way to make SWIG convert all C++ vector uses to subtract one? Is that even wise? I'm guess I'm looking on thoughts on whether it is better to have all one based arrays with a Lua program, and if so, how do I do this easily with SWIG if it is even possible?


P.S. Thanks for the other help on the lua_isfunction and the stack count!