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2008/8/5 Stefan Sandberg <>:
> So your solution to this issue is to not read it at all, -not- learn how
> it's supposed to work, and instead whine about it here?

Not at all. However, I *am* saying that using msvcrt doesn't require
as much learning as msvcr90. And it's not clear what benefit is gained
from the complexity (*that* should be expressible in simple terms,

> What possible good can come from that? Are you expecting someone here to
> just blurt out a one-shot solution which would solve everything for
> everyone?

Absolutely not. I'm personally building using Mingw, and have no
issues. But I struggled for a long time to reuse the
LuaBinaries-compatible DLLs in my own project, before coming to the
conclusion that it was too hard. Specifically, I spent DAYS on it,
when recompiling everything I needed with mingw took an evening or two
(and if I had only compiled the lua core DLL, that would have been a
matter of minutes).

I could explain what I was trying to do, and see if anyone can offer
help. But to be honest, I felt that *that* was more of an imposition
on people's time than simply getting on with my own Mingw build, and
pointing out the issue here. The thread has become bigger than I
intended, though...

> Managing versions of dynamic libraries at runtime in a safe & secure manner,
> in an os based on binary distribution is probably fairly complicated to
> begin with,

You say "probably" there. My feel is that in many cases, it doesn't
need to be (and the situation with msvcrt supports this) and that MS
have done their usual trick of creating a big, over-engineered
"solution" which isn't needed in 90% of cases. But I concede that I
can't be certain of this, either - it's only my opinion.

> so it doesn't surprise me you think it's complex, and I for one feel damn
> lucky that all I have to do is 'read the documentation' in order to use it.

I'd be more inclined to agree if it wasn't for the fact that "use
mingw and msvcrt" is even simpler - except for the fact that some
people quite reasonably prefer to use MSVC, which doesn't support that
option :-()

> ---xml still sucks though ;)

Indeed :-)