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Joe Smith wrote:

"Rob Kendrick" <> wrote in message news:1198192256.6587.5.camel@trite...
On Thu, 2007-12-20 at 23:57 +0100, Stefan Sandberg wrote:

Answer: The "official" name is the Moon, with a capital M. The satellites of the other planets are called moons (small m). Similarly, stars are referred to as suns, but our star is the Sun.

We're getting dreadfully off-topic here, but if the moon's Luna, then
our sun is Sol - hence "solar system".  And our planet has the whimsical
name "Sol III".

Sence fictions writers almost unanimously agree the correct name for the closest star to this planet is indeed "Sol". If they give a special name to the Earth's natural satelite, it is almost invariably "Luna". The name for the planet is usually "Earth", but otherwise "Terra". I personally prefer the "Sol", "Luna", "Terra".

Since when are fiction writers any form of authority? (contradiction in terms, imo)