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"Miles Bader" <> wrote in message">
Ralph Hempel <> writes:
Nowadays I use free42 (an HP42 sim) but Lua on an HP50 sounds
pretty cool!

Based on the pics I've seen, the HP50 looks like it might be somewhat
disappointing for an HP calculator fan -- it just doesn't look like it
has the same great ergonomics and build quality that older models had
(is HP still even designing them?).

Well it really does not matter if HP is still designing them as most of the programmers for the HP-graphing calculators have left HP. It actually seems rather unlikely that any new HP graphing calculators will be produced in the near future.

(The HP-50g has extremely few non-cosmetic differences from the HP 49g+. It is basically just a minor hardware revision combined with a new shell. It is fully backwards compatible even at the lowest levels (ARM assembly) with the HP49g+)