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I have compiled every library and binary with my G++ 3.4.2 (MinGW Edition)..
The only thing I believe to be strange here is that it seems that luasql wasn´t prepared to compile under G++ (I needed to add some const char casts and an 'export "C" for luaopen_*')

Fabio Mascarenhas escreveu:
Did you compile Lua on your own, or are you using someone else's binaries? What about other modules? Your problem looks like mixup of different C runtimes.

Fabio Mascarenhas

On 6/11/07, Luís Santos <> wrote:
Sorry, I was mistaken

When I put a more precise log I found that the problem is after the returning of the cursor.. in the 'fetch' line.

    -- print('fetching rows') -- neither of my print statements worked
    log('fetching rows') -- but when I put the output to a file, this log worked fine

    row = cur:fetch ({}, "a") --<-- problem is probably here

    -- print(
'rows fetched')
    log('rows fetched') -- this one doesn´t

Luís Eduardo Jason Santos
Coordenador Técnico
IT Quality Systems
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