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It was just like the example code in the manual.

require "luasql.sqlite3" -- direct from luasql/sqlite3.dll

-- from the example in

env = assert (luasql.sqlite3())

con = assert (env:connect("../data/database.sqlite"))

-- ... // Drop table,  Create table.. Insert data.. all work fine

-- obtain a cursor
cur = con:execute[[ SELECT * from people ]]  -- then it explodes here (An access violation, I believe)

I tried some slightly different queries, to no effect.

It might just have something to do with my compilation. I´ll try to pinpoint the problem in the C code, so I can come to you with a more accurate description.


Tomas Guisasola Gorham escreveu:
	Hi Luís

I have indeed managed to compile luasql from HEAD using Lua 5.1 and the 
SQLite3 driver on Windows (using MinGW... it wasn´t a lot of fun..) and 
I have come to a problem using the conn:execute to return a simple 
	Could you send a piece of code that reproduces the problem?


Luís Eduardo Jason Santos
Coordenador Técnico
IT Quality Systems
[21]2242-7959 ramal 49