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I have indeed managed to compile luasql from HEAD using Lua 5.1 and the SQLite3 driver on Windows (using MinGW... it wasn´t a lot of fun..) and I have come to a problem using the conn:execute to return a simple cursor.. I haven´t been able to create e ticket on LuaForge.. do I need to register for that?

Can I look for the problem myself and try to send my solution afterwards?

Is this off-topic?

Andre Carregal escreveu:
Indeed, the CVS HEAD should work for Unix using MySQL and Postgres.
The Windows versions of ODBC, ADO and MySQL are also available but
still not fully. If someone would like to help us test those drivers
in Windows please let me know.

Thanks in advance,


On 6/8/07, Tomas Guisasola Gorham <> wrote:
       Hi Luís

> I am currently working on an application framework mainly based in Lua,
> and I got interested on the LuaSQL project. But when I tried to use it,
> I got a lot of problems related to compiling it - and I haven´t been
> able to work with binaries either. I only to find later that it was
> (apparently) not fully compatible with Lua 5.1.
       You can try the CVS HEAD version which is already adapted to
Lua 5.1.  The new release is almost done; I think there are some tests
to be done.  I am using the Postgres driver in Linux and it is working


Luís Eduardo Jason Santos
Coordenador Técnico
IT Quality Systems
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