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On Wed, Jul 19, 2006 at 10:40:21PM +0000, Guido Sohne wrote:
> On 7/19/06, Sam Roberts <> wrote:
> >We are building and deploying applications, and needing to distribute
> >.so-style extensions is too much added to an already complex
> >distribution system (of ours). We statically link lua in, I'm working on
> >getting the .lua code linked in as well, we don't want to load from disk
> >- just copy the executable and run it.
> I would really be interested in this too. As well as tricks to load
> faster. How do you plan on getting the .lua code linked in? And how
> would this affect executable size (not so important though, because we
> can execute in place from ROM)?

I think our apps are quite different from yours. We are targeting linux
server systems, and we don't care how big the exes are. I care about
being able to copy a single exe to target systems, and having it run.
Also, I care about not telling the team that builds the installers to
install not just a binary, but a directory tree of .lua files.

> I assume? hope! you are trying to work out a simple update system so
> you can upgrade remote installations using a signed executable that
> would be downloaded, checked and then replace your app, then restart
> it? I'm thinking of building this and would be interested in what you
> may have.

You hope, indeed! :-)

Sorry, no, installation involves much more than an binary, which is why
I don't want to complicate my contribution to the problem. Pre and post
lua, if the installation guys don't have to know parts are written in
lua, maybe we can use lua. If they have to know, everybody will have an
opinion on whether using lua is OK.

> Some small changes to socket.lua were needed also. Maybe you could try
> that to get to 5.1 for now. That's how I got it to work for me.

Thanks, not moving to 5.1 is because of other things than lua socket
(politics), but if we can't link lua socket statically, it will become
technical, not political.