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I met this in the LuaSocket library. And promptly used libhttpd
instead (after extending it to use connection timeout) since
LuaSockets seems to have everything but the kitchen sink.

Have built my Lua to not use any pre-5.1 features :-) Since am using
Lua as an 'escape from C ' strategy for an embedded system I can just
arbitrarily decide what I want (and do not want).

Am doing RPC anyway, but not a real protocol. I pass parameters to an
application server using HTTP GET and url parameters. Receive objects
back encoded as JSON and decode that into Lua. Am considering
extending my RoR app to just generate Lua instead.

If I am passing structured data (hash table that can contain other
hash tables, no cycles, nothing fancy, really), from the app server to
the Lua application, how is this done in a very simple way?

Simple goal is to share/transport data structures back and forth from
the application server. Parsing JSON response from the RoR app server
takes too long, so am considering a Lua native format for marshalled
objects. Is there a spec or description of that so I can extend the
RoR app to ouput Lua directly? And how would I unpack it from text in
Lua? doFile? Is there a safe way to do this?

-- G.

-- G.

On 7/19/06, Tomas <> wrote:
        Hi Guido

> It does. I have no interest in the compat stuff though. Will get
> LuaXMLRPC from CVS.
        Compat-5.1 is just a compatibility layer with Lua 5.1.  It is
useful only if you plan to use Lua 5.1 package model running in Lua 5.0.