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On 7/19/06, Sam Roberts <> wrote:
We are building and deploying applications, and needing to distribute
.so-style extensions is too much added to an already complex
distribution system (of ours). We statically link lua in, I'm working on
getting the .lua code linked in as well, we don't want to load from disk
- just copy the executable and run it.

I would really be interested in this too. As well as tricks to load
faster. How do you plan on getting the .lua code linked in? And how
would this affect executable size (not so important though, because we
can execute in place from ROM)?

I assume? hope! you are trying to work out a simple update system so
you can upgrade remote installations using a signed executable that
would be downloaded, checked and then replace your app, then restart
it? I'm thinking of building this and would be interested in what you
may have.

I say "would" because we are still on lua 5.0.2, and I'm still looking
around trying to find a LuaSocket that supports 5.0.2 (without compat,
since that adds dynamic extension support which I donn't want), and that
supports unix domain sockets. LuaSocket looks great, and I'm hoping to
not write this code myself.

Ahh, so that's why I couldn't get it to work out of the box. I hacked
the socket.c file to change its module name to be different from the
name of the statically linked socket object (e.g register and load as
another name, and change the require in socket.lua to use that name).
Some small changes to socket.lua were needed also. Maybe you could try
that to get to 5.1 for now. That's how I got it to work for me.