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Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
(Kein-Hong Man wrote:)
Ideally of course, I would love to have a test suite in the Lua
tarball, but I'm okay with any decision.

We do not like this idea. It is too dificult to have tests that are both
portable and complete. (E.g., testing comand-line options, environment
variables like LUA_PATH and LUA_INIT, submodules, C modules, not to
mention limitations in machine resources).  Moreover, it is quite common
for some tests to fail due to bugs in libc. A complete (hard) test suite
"too public" creates too much noise.

A separate tarball is fine. I agree that testing for a multitude of different platforms is a big hassle. I suggest, though, that the test suite to be located as a download on the official Lua site if you wish to retain control, or Luaforge if you wish to open up development (perhaps, on a fork of it.)

I would be very interested in helping to create a serious test suite for Lua.

I guess our suite is quite "serious" already :)

Sorry, the 'serious' bit came out the wrong way. I found the test suite very comprehensive myself. What I meant was that the test suite in its current form seems to be mainly used by the developers of Lua only. So by 'serious' I was trying to say 'in widespread use'.

I hope the test suite can see more widespread use, especially by people who use Lua in their applications. By doing so, some people who use the test suite might end up helping with the "portability and completeness" bit. Perhaps if other projects can have bug squashing campaigns, we can have a test suite running campaign. With some help from the community, Lua might then be able to boast of test suite profiles for Win32, *nix, PS2, Xbox, etc. Of course, it won't be all plain sailing, as a test suite by its very nature is supposed to attract problems.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia