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> Victor Boivie wrote:
> >I would find it very useful to have these scripts at my disposal, so
> >if it's not too much trouble packaging them, that'd great.

I will try to translate them to English and then I will create a tarball.

> Ideally of course, I would love to have a test suite in the Lua
> tarball, but I'm okay with any decision.

We do not like this idea. It is too dificult to have tests that are both
portable and complete. (E.g., testing comand-line options, environment
variables like LUA_PATH and LUA_INIT, submodules, C modules, not to
mention limitations in machine resources).  Moreover, it is quite common
for some tests to fail due to bugs in libc. A complete (hard) test suite
"too public" creates too much noise.

> I would be very interested in helping to create a serious test 
> suite for Lua.

I guess our suite is quite "serious" already :)

-- Roberto