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I would find it very useful to have these scripts at my disposal, so
if it's not too much trouble packaging them, that'd great.

A problem might be that the comments in the code are in Portugese, but
I hope they are somewhat self-explaining. I still think it's a good
idea to make these scripts official and to include a link on the
website to them. Not only are they good for problem finding, but it
also improves Lua's credibility if there's a good suite of regression
tests available.

I'll see if I can contribute with some additional scripts as well.


On 3/22/06, Roberto Ierusalimschy <> wrote:
> >
> > Something I would like to see is an extensive set of regression test
> > scripts that can be used for verifying that nothing is broken after
> > having changed something in the lua core. Are there any already, or is
> > this something that would have to be written from scratch? These could
> > be provided in the source distribution of Lua, or in a separate QA
> > package perhaps.
> >
> Lua has a large set of regression tests, which we use in its development.
> However, it has some problems for general use. See
> I can release a similar tarball for 5.1.
> (I will try to improve its usability, at least with some user
> instructions...)
> -- Roberto