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Hi List, (this is my first post so I thought it would be appropriate
to say 'hi' atleast once)

Something I would like to see is an extensive set of regression test
scripts that can be used for verifying that nothing is broken after
having changed something in the lua core. Are there any already, or is
this something that would have to be written from scratch? These could
be provided in the source distribution of Lua, or in a separate QA
package perhaps.

To answer your questions: I agree what you're suggesting, but I think
it would be good if there was a package of basic scripts that
beginners can examine to get a good understanding how Lua works. If
they are presented with a huge repository with scripts ranging from
small to extremely large (well, community scripts tend to get quite
extensive), then it's a lot more difficult to find small snippets that
show much considering their size - much like the scripts do today.


On 3/22/06, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> wrote:
> We're thinking about removing the test directory from the tarball.
> The programs in there do not really test anything; they are merely
> examples of Lua code. Moreover, they're not really good examples of
> Lua code (some of them come from old Lua versions).
> Mike Pall has suggested offline that the community would be better
> off with a 'known good' Lua source code repository. Initially it
> could include all the examples from PIL, a few programs from the test
> directory, and his benchmark tests. He thinks the Wiki is 'suboptimal'
> for this. So perhaps it's better to have a luaforge project?
> Any volunteers?
> Anyone with strong feelings against removing the test directory?
> --lhf