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Shmuel Zeigerman wrote:
mnewberry wrote:


For my part, I am not asking anyone to turn Lua into C/C++. I'm suggesting small changes to syntax to make it more consistent with how we already think. It is amazing how little nits like -- versus // or ~= versus != can make something easy to use or an annoyance to use. If the vast majority of people using Lua come from the C/C++ lineage then they're going to find the current syntax a nuisance.


FWIW: I'm one that did "come from the C/C++ lineage", and found Lua syntax to be very clear, intuitive and just nice. I've no wish whatsoever to see it changed.

Me too, and I do some PHP, JavaScript, even VBScript, some Visual Basic and VBA in the past, lot of Java currently, AutoHotkey recently, batch or shell scripts, etc. One can do an error from time to time (using . instead of ..) but I can live with it. And yes, I love Lua syntax. I love C and the conciseness of its syntax, but Lua is nice and consistent enough to please me. Some find "then" "end" verbose, well, I disliked Pascal more (if I recall correctly...) with its "begin", ":=", weird pointers, etc.

Of course, all this is a matter of taste and can be discuted over and over and over, like which editor is the best, or tabs vs. spaces or camelCase vs. all_lowercase_vars...

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