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Alen Ladavac wrote:
From: "Keith Wiles" <>
Every time I compile a new Lua I add the support for '!=', my old 'C' fingers have a hard time to making the change :-( I would love to see '!=' and '~=' get supported as a default feature of the language. Adding '!=' does not add very much code and it sure does make it easier :-)

/me gets out of the shadow

While at it... I didn't bother to check it out yet, but is there a real syntactical reason why '//' could not be used instead of '--'? (In a custom version like Keith said above?) Same for if-then-end vs if-{-}, etc.

Yes, and support
/* */
(* *)
comments as well! If we must add flexibility, let's do it in a large scale and please most of the people coming from other languages...

Also replace .. with + and/or &, allow to use <> in place of ~=, etc.

Seriously, changing syntax to avoid changing habits seems... well, I won't make any judgement, but I would prefer support for some new features like a += b or s ..= "foo" or some support for binary operations...

Note: there are already a slew of C-like scripting languages, I wonder why some people want yet another one...

Philippe Lhoste
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