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!= and // are the first mods I make to Lua. It would be nice to see them officially supported.


Tom Reahard wrote:
I also agree with != and //. Very practical - I only get in the -- habit when spending significant time in Lua. Since I go back and forth, it would be nice to have these two additions so I wouldn't get confused.


mnewberry wrote:
I also would also love to see != and // supported in the standard Lua. It is also an ongoing com[plaint from a reasonable fraction of our users. They really like Lua overall but those syntactical differences with C really annoy them. As they say, "Lua is not C", but I would bet the majority of Lua users have C/C++ as their mother tongue.


On Wed, 25 Jan 2006 08:39:54 +0100, Alen Ladavac wrote
From: "Keith Wiles" <>
Every time I compile a new Lua I add the support for '!=', my old 'C' fingers have a hard time to making the change :-( I would love to see '!
and '~=' get supported as a default feature of the language. Adding '!=' does not add very much code and it sure does make it easier :-)
/me gets out of the shadow

While at it... I didn't bother to check it out yet, but is there a real syntactical reason why '//' could not be used instead of '--'? (In a custom version like Keith said above?) Same for if-then-end vs if-{-}, etc.