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Michael T. Richter wrote:
Currently I'm playing around with a little language called Io that...
well, it's not exactly "syntax-extending" so much as
"syntax-agnostic".  :-)  I'm simply smitten by the staggering variety of
syntax primitives which are being built right now in the push to v1.0 of
the language.  They're talking about variations on switch/cond/select
statements right now and every day there's a dozen different variations
on the syntax while people play with them.  All of them written in Io --
not even in a macro system, but in Io proper.

This might be OT, and possibly unsuitable for the list, but I'd be fascinated to see an example of such a facility.

I guess it could be argued that it's not OT if one is considering adding such abilities to Lua :)