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Alex Queiroz wrote:

On 25/01/06, mnewberry <> wrote:

For my part, I am not asking anyone to turn Lua into C/C++. I'm suggesting
small changes to syntax to make it more consistent with how we already

     And who's we? Lua could be made easier for people coming from
Scheme or APL as well. Or it could stand as it is and people could
actually learn the syntax. It's not that difficult.

Percentage of people using Lua who already know C or C++: 80% maybe?

People in the entire world who use APL or Scheme, as a percentage of people using C or C++: 2% maybe?

Can we all at least agree that, if Lua were to have any small changes to make it look like any other language, C/C++ makes the most sense for what language it should look like? No, I don't suppose we can :-)

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