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On Thu, 2006-26-01 at 10:14 +0000, Lisa Parratt wrote:
> It always struck me as an exceedingly beautiful way of making all the 
> different sorts of loop disappear up themselves.

It is exceedingly beautiful in the languages that have it (or, like
Dylan and its ilk, permit you to make it).  Unfortunately it is also
typically fought tooth-and-nail in the ... more staid shops.  I've had
people tell me that Eiffel was "ugly" because it didn't have "proper"
for and while loops.  (Kind of like people calling Lua ugly because it's
~= instead of !=....)

Michael T. Richter
michael_richter_1966; AIM: YanJiahua1966; ICQ: 241960658; Jabber:

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