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I don't know how many members of this list actually do the promotional part 
of software. But our ability to "sell" people on using Lua depends largely 
on how easy it is to use---almost moreso than all the great things it can 
do. The more familiar the Lua syntax is, the more widely accepted and more 
easily accepted Lua will be. Just making syntactic sugar for -- and !- or 
maybe {} for "then" seems to me to be the kinds of things that make Lua far 
more palatable without really changing the architecture and capabilities of 
the language. After all, Lua has always accepted the ";" as a statement 
terminator without having any real purpose. ... just my $0.02US worth.


On Wed, 25 Jan 2006 23:42:26 +0100, Alen Ladavac wrote
> From: "Chris Marrin" <>
> > - the required 'then' keyword
> Yes indeed. That's a pain too. Did anyone ever succeed replacing 
> then-end and do-end constructs to use curly braced blocks like C,
>  i.e. "{" and "}" ?
> Btw, just to clarify, I'm about to have to preach Lua to a bunch of
> scripting noobs who already happen to understand // and {}. The 
> Lua's syntax really doesn't help there. :)
> Thanks,
> Alen