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In message <>, mnewberry <> writes
easily accepted Lua will be. Just making syntactic sugar for -- and !- or
maybe {} for "then" seems to me to be the kinds of things that make Lua far
more palatable without really changing the architecture and capabilities of

Indeed. The Ruby guys realized this early on. They deliberately added things to make Perl users feel at home and other things just for ease of use. I think failing to address the "syntactic sugar" issues raised in this thread will slow the uptake of Lua.

Its not as if the two main issues (!= and //) will change the language to any great degree but it will smooth a lot of the awkward, stupid mistakes that inevitably get made whilst learning a new language. Real mistakes - ones where you are getting your head around a new concept - they are great, you are learning, but stupid ones like != are just plain annoying.

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