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* Doug Rogers <>:
> But luckily, if he's still even considering Lua,
> Jean-Rene can choose whichever option suits his
> needs.

The possibility of using Lua is getting more
remote, at least for this specific project.

I wasn't aware of the whole SIGWINCH problematic
and I'm glad it was brought up. However it skewed
the discussion a little bit. 

Putting that problem aside, this thread reinforced
my belief that Lua is perhaps not ideal (yet) for
sophisticated terminal control. slnspider --
pretty as it is -- doesn't approach the kind of
control over the screen that mutt or slrn (the
newsreader) has.

I will take a closer look at slang and if it
allows me to easily do what I want I will use it.
If it's still a lot of work even with slang, then
I'll use curses and Lua.

I know neither slang nor lua and have never used
curses. So basically whatever I do, I will learn
something -- which is the whole point of this
project (by the way).